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Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University is an exceptional, world-class, multi-disciplinary university. It’s driving objective is the pursuit of the next big idea, the next challenge, the next mystery that will advance human knowledge and improve all of our lives.

The role of the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) is to serve as a dynamic bridge between two inspired communities — Australian and Israeli.

AFTAU is a group committed to the nurturing of higher education, as well as the development of some of Israel’s best minds.  For over four decades we have enthusiastically pursued the advancement of TAU in the world by raising money, awareness and influence.

In this way we can support Tel Aviv University’s vital role in changing lives that change the world.

Federal AFTAU

A Federal AFTAU body has been established to unify and co-ordinate all Australian states that represent Tel Aviv University – currently Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. We have active AFTAU operations and committees located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Australian AFTAU manages liaison with TAU through one central point, co-ordinates events, visits to and from Tel Aviv University and overall philanthropic efforts and initiatives.


Who is building Israel’s future? YOU ARE…

by supporting the next generation of students at
Tel Aviv University!

Every contribution to this Campaign will go towards full or partial scholarships for talented students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

It’s often said that Israel’s greatest natural resource is the brain-power of its people — but the skills needed for leadership don’t just happen. They are carefully shaped and nourished by a first-rate education.

That’s why TAU graduates and faculty can be found at the helm of Israel’s leading companies, in the top echelons of public service, and on the cutting edge of science and technology.

And why your contribution today will have such an important impact on tomorrow, helping to forge the leaders of the next generation.



Tau 360: Unbound




Sam Altman to Visit Tel Aviv University

31 May 2023
TAU to host the OpenAI Founder and CEO as part of his globetrotting OpenAI world tour. As Altman is due to visit Israel next week, the burning question remains: Is there anyone left on our campus who hasn’t experienced the wonders of ChatGPT…

CRISPR Unveils Plant Gene Potential

29 May 2023
Breakthrough method revolutionizes agricultural crop improvement for enhanced properties. Since the agricultural revolution, mankind has strived to enhance plant varieties through genetic diversity. However, until recently, our understanding was l…

New Studies Expose Coral Reef Crisis in Eilat

28 May 2023
Deadly epidemic killed all the black sea urchins in the Gulf of Eilat, placing coral reefs at risk. Recent, unsettling studies conducted by Tel Aviv University have unveiled a deadly epidemic responsible for the widespread decimation of black sea …

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