This year, AFTAU led a coalition of Victorian Universities to support exchange programs with TAU and provide funding via the AISEP (Australia Israel Scientific Exchange Program) fund, which is a tax-deductible entity.  

In September, we held a big Luncheon event for AISEP, co-hosted by The University of Melbourne with over 150 people attending. Special guest speaker was TAU graduate Uri Levin, the founder of “WAZE”  founder of “WAZE” the world’s largest social navigation app, which was  acquired by Google for US $1.2B. Funds were raised for more Australian students to come to TAU via AISEP. 

The Lunch was in partnership with all Victorian Universities partnering in AISEP and was a great success. Uri Levine’s tour in Australia included four other events in Melbourne as well as Sydney and Perth.


Mr Marc Besen AC, with Dr Victor Wayne at the TAU-Melb Uni-AISEP function