Welcome to the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) website!

AFTAU is a dynamic organisation which:

  1.   Represents Tel Aviv University (TAU) here in Australia.
  2.  Is involved in the promotion and increasing public awareness of TAU.
  3.  Promotes increasing liaison and cooperation, by way of  education and cooperative research and    scientific and cultural exchange between TAU and Australian Universities and other educational institutions, Government, and private industry.
  4.  Raises funds for TAU.

In this regard, we hold numerous functions, both large high-profile functions in major venues highlighting TAU luminaries and innovators, and multiple other function types to appeal to a wide audience spread – from concerts to film nights, whisky nights, lectures with visiting TAU professors in private homes, sessions highlighting our joint research with local universities, all invariably popular, often very informative, and frequently nicely catered.

TAU is Israel’s largest and most distinguished research university, with 9 faculties incorporating some 125 schools, well up in the world rankings, with the whole spectrum from Humanities (including amongst the world’s very best Music and Film Schools) through to the highest level of scientific research.

AFTAU’s activities support a large variety of projects at TAU. Traditionally, we have provided scholarships for financially underprivileged Israeli students, including new immigrants, and IDF Reservists. We still do, but with more membership financial support, our activities have spread to encompass direct support of research, both within TAU, as well as collaborative research between TAU and Universities here (the AFTAM program with Monash, was the first such endeavour), purchases of new laboratory equipment at TAU such as mass spectrometers, and contributions towards capital projects.

We encourage Australian students to study at TAU – whether that be a semester exchange as part of their local university and HECS, or a more complete TAU course, given that TAU now offers many courses and degrees in English. These were originally tailored towards Americans and Europeans, but have been refined and are now readily available to Australians via TAU International, links to which can be found on this website.

We also offer scholarship support for Australian students at TAU – more major for those undertaking longer fee-paying courses there, and less (but still a generous stipend to cover some expenses) for those undertaking semester exchanges from here where fees are already covered locally under HECS.

We encourage you to get involved – explore the website, become a member if not already one, attend our functions, learn about TAU, and ideally help support it.  In this respect, our motto is very appropriate – “for Israel, a trained mind is not a luxury; it is a requisite for survival.”